Since 1973

Extensive experience in the national and international markets. Countries with generic or customized branded products tailored to customer needs.

Our extensive experience, the quality of our products and the ability to gain customer loyalty by adapting to their needs, through personalized and innovative solutions, have enabled us to become a market leader in our sector.

“Packaging That Matters”

Quality Management

Rampe is continually improving its production and management processes along with customer services.
Quality management is based on the following objectives in order to achieve customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

Environmental Policy

One of the fundamental objectives of Rampe is to improve the environmental footprint of the organization’s activities, always in compliance with current environmental legislation.


Increase in productivity and costs reduction in an environmentally friendly way.


Prevention of causes that may negatively affect the environment.


Development of an environmental management system that involves the participation of all employees.


Training in environmentally correct technologies and practices.


Reduction of the volume of waste generated in the production process.


Rampe is a custom packaging company with high quality standards and a high level of flexibility and confidence. Rampe has a dynamic professional team and its own design and printing departments.




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